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Come down

florals wallpaper

Two years on and we’re still here and feeling

You boredly lonely and ever love-needing.

Me over-filled and with plenty to give you,

You out to find the best door to go through.

Me convinced that I’ve finally found it.

Seeing it’s open you side step around it.

How can we know it will work in the long run?

We laugh long and loudly, we smile in the strong sun

We lie down at night time, we stir in the feathers

We’ve been to dark places, we’ve lost all our tethers.

Come down with me lovely, let’s leave now together

Run fast, hold tight and take off forever.

Gap with no drama


The sunset here is umber graded to dark blue and brightly

Lower darker, higher lighter

but hazy through my eyes dew wet nightly.

I want to feel up as I did before,

see things more clearly, fun-filled and dancing.

You never ready for that kind of binding,

running to skirt the risk of advancing.

The bitten lip, the eyes of flash anger,

loud conversation into white fingered smartphone

No grudges to bare, just patience and karma,

and pills to fill in the gaps with no drama.