Fun in Thailand

Hello all,

I am having a great time in Thailand.  The weather is consistently above 30 degrees so on the beach nearly everyday. The sea is like a bath.
There is a constant whirl of social life of course because I know so many people here from previous years including the massage ladies on the beach who let me lie on their massage beds in the shade for no cost. They cooked an amazing bbq the other night. I thought my stomach would explode afterwards lol.
My friend Max took me to the Buddhist Temple yesterday. His mother passed away too recently.
You buy special bouquets of flowers, soaps, rice and other essentials which are offered to the monk on duty. He says prayers for her,  and sprinkles water on you. You light candles and from them 3 incense sticks. Then you sit quietly and meditate for a bit. Then leave quietly when ready.
He said we should be happy because she is with the stars now and has no worries, stress, or problems as we do on earth when we are alive.
Afterwards I felt a weight lifted from me. Quite a special experience.
Needless to say the rest of the day was spent merry-making!
I am doing a few free English lessons near the guest house in the early evening before the boys and girls go to work in the bars and restaurants. Better English gets them better pay and makes it easier for them to get good jobs.
First lesson: RUPERT, not LOOPA. Perhaps on reflection the latter is more appropriate.
We talked about the meanings of names in English. One of the boys is called Dong. I said it meant the sound of a bell. Had to think on my feet there!

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